“Egglia: Legend of the Redcap” RPG Launches with Extensive Trailer

Last week we posted about the western launch date for mobile RPG Egglia: Legend of the Redcap… which is today! Now that DMM and Brownies’ iOS and Android game has arrived, a lengthy video is here to showcase the first full quest. Get a better idea of how Egglia plays—including the basics of turn-based movement, resource gathering, and combat—below. 



More from the press release:

Players will explore the land of Egglia as a gentle boy elf, Chabo, who must navigate the world via a turn-based RPG system while hunting monsters for experience and gathering resources on a hexagonal grid, using a turn-based dice combat system. Players will uncover a series of mythical eggs that can be hatched to unlock different lands of the world of Egglia to explore and gather materials to grow their village – in doing so, players will evolve a variety of spirit companions that will assist in future battles.


In Chabo’s adventure through Egglia, a host of companions will be met throughout the journey and players will be able to build homes and grow a village for them. These homes can be upgraded and furnished with numerous fun decorations allowing players to customize and decorate as desired.


EGGLIA: Legend of the Redcap delivers a memorable experience set in a new yet familiar setting.  Players will find themselves instantly captivated with the beautiful world and amazing story that could only be told by the veteran team comprised of Shinichi Kameoka, Head Producer, Character Designer and President, CEO of Brownies Inc.; Michio Okamiya, Head of POWERCHORD STUDIO; and Yoko Shimomura, Composer.



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