“Dynasty Warriors 9” Will Be on PS4, New Open-World Info Revealed

Last month Koei Tecmo promised more info on Dynasty Warriors 9 for May, and the time has come for some updates. While a release date has yet to be announced, the first open-world entry in the series is in the works for PlayStation 4.



The latest issue of Famitsu has a bunch of additional information on how Dynasty Warriors 9 will work in an open-world setting. Players will be able to roam the map freely, choose the angle of attack, and even circumvent castles for a more effective high-ground position. New methods of attack offer the opportunity to attempt to infiltrate a castle and take out the target without drawing enemy attention if you think you can pull it off successfully. 


Dynasty Warriors 9 will also include a day-and-night cycle and real-time weather changes, which may hinder the enemy’s field of vision and help you in your mission. All characters will be able to use bows for long-distance attacks. 


If you want, you can dive right into the difficult main missions to advance history, but taking on related side-missions in adcabce will make the going a little less tough. Other new features include the State Combo system, which changes up combos based on the current situation, and Interactive Actions, which depend on the terrain and objects around you. Grappling hooks, for instance, can be used to ascend high walls and mountainous terrain. 


More info should be coming soon. In the meantime, Dynasty Warriors 9 is roughly 40% of the way to completion. 


Source: Hachima Kikou via Gematsu



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