“Dropkick On My Devil!!” Anime’s Cast And First Trailer Unveiled

Following a Nico Live broadcast earlier today, the first details on Dropkick On My Devil!! have been confirmed on its official Twitter account, with the cast and first trailer being unveiled. The series will premiere this July in Japan on Amazon’s Prime Video service.


Drop Kick Devil Hero


The cast for the series is as follows:


  • Jashin-chan: Aina Suzuki 
  • Yurine Hanazono: Nichika Oomori 
  • Medusa: Miyu Kubota 
  • Pekora: Yurie Kozakai 
  • Minosu: Chiaki Omigawa 
  • Poporon: Rico Sasaki 
  • Persephone II: Riho Iida 
  • Mei Tachibana: Natsuko Hara 
  • Yusa: Kazusa Aranami 
  • Kouji: Miko Terada


The first trailer is embedded below with more information following:


Additionally, a stage event will be held for the series during AnimeJapan 2018 in March with cast members in attendance. Below an example of the badges being given away, and an opportunity to participate in a lottery for a dakimakura of the main character, Nagami-chan during the event.

DropKick badge

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