“Dragon Quest X” 5th Anniversary Short Brings the Feels


We all know that Square Enix can bring the emotions, but their latest project demonstrates that they only need six minutes to do it.


In honor of the fifth anniversary of Dragon Quest X, players were asked to submit personal stories relating to the game, some of which would then be turned into online shorts. The first of these, The Feeling of a Name, premiered earlier this month. The short was produced by Craftar, the studio behind the human models and character designs for Pokémon GO.


Every August 2, a married couple watches the in-game fireworks commemorating the game’s anniversary. But, as the couple’s daughter points out, August 2 is also the birthday of her late older sister, Yukina — after whom her mother’s character is named. Their in-game friends don’t know the significance of the name or the date… but that changes on the year of the fifth anniversary.


The Feeling of a Name stars Sumi Shimamoto (Maison Ikkoku leading lady Kyoko Otonashi) as the mother, Kosuke Toriumi (Naze Turbine, Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans) as the father, and Saki Fujita (Ymir, Attack on Titan) as Yukina’s little sister.


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Source: Ota-suke, Gematsu




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