Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne Deluxe Edition HC

After the Queen of Ferelden is betrayed and?murdered, her son, Maric, becomes the leader of a rebel?faction struggling to?free their nation from the control of a foreign tyrant. With few allies save?Loghain,?a brash young outlaw, and Rowan, a fierce warrior and his betrothed, Maric?must find a way to free?Ferelden from the clutches of the enemy and restore his?family to the throne. Written by?Dragon?Age?lead writer David Gaider,?The?Stolen Throne?is a prequel story to?Dragon?Age: Origins!

This deluxe edition features twenty-four brand?new illustrations by?Stefano Martino, Alvaro Sarraseca,?Andres Ponce, and?German Ponce?in?an intricately designed, foil stamped hardcover!