Doc Ock & More Come to ‘Spider-Man Unlimited’

Spider-Man Unlimited

While the Superior Spider-Man took on many of the Wall-Crawler’s greatest foes during his tenure wearing the webs, there’s one he couldn’t face off against: himself.

Until now.

Indeed, while Otto Octavius’ mind in Spider-Man’s body made such a clash impossible in SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN, in “Spider-Man Unlimited” the addition of Doc Ock as the fifth member of the Sinister Six pits the tentacle-wielding terror against his quasi-heroic alter ego. The fourth update for the mobile runner from Gameloft also wraps up their version of Spider-Verse, introduces a new co-op mode, and of course promises a cadre of new playable Spideys.

We got all the web-slinging details from Gameloft’s Tatiana Nahai… Big picture, what’s the goal for this latest update? How are you hoping to improve the fan experience even more with the new additions to the game?

Tatiana Nahai: Ultimately, we want to provide more to the players. More villains, more Spider-Men, more environments, more content in the story mode, more types of events with different rewards—completely expanding on the experience that players that 50 million players have come to love, with a fresh twist, including the game’s first running boss. But at the core, the update features some truly awesome fan content: the Sinister Six are finally back! While Spider-Verse has been such an awesome ride, it’s definitely exciting to be bringing the return of the Sinister Six, which was always the core of “Spider-Man Unlimited,” and with that, the arrival of the mad genius Doc Ock. But this update is also getting some massive Spider-Verse love with the finale to our ambitious three-update saga with the [introduction] of Solus, father of the Inheritors. Both stories will feature some truly awesome character interactions that should get Marvel fans excited. How do the conclusion of Spider-Verse and the introduction of Doc Ock co-exist with both being such major story elements and huge events?

Tatiana Nahai: Villainous attacks just never come when you need them to—especially with Peter Parker’s luck. While the Spider-Men have been caught up with the Inheritors’ vicious attack against every Spider-Man ever, the Sinister Six have been only getting stronger, with Doctor Octopuses from different dimensions coming to destroy this one! Gameplay wise, you can face Doc Ock in Story Mode’s Issue 5, and in his introductory events at the start of the Update. The Spider-Verse finale can be experienced in the events, starting on April 6! What about Doc Ock sets him apart even from the other four members of the Sinister Six introduced so far? What unique challenges does he bring with him to the game?

Tatiana Nahai: He’s the game’s first running boss and looks pretty spectacular running around in his underwater lab environment! And as the smartest member of the Sinister Six—other than Norman Osborn as the Green Goblin, but that’s a whole other debate for another time—Doc Ock will look to prove that he is superior [to] his other villainous companions by using his tech—including his giant Mectopus robots—to tear up this dimension. And not to mention he’s the first villain who already exists as a Spider-Man. How did you guys structure the first ever meeting between Doc Ock and the Superior Spider-Man?

Tatiana Nahai: The fact that Superior Spider-Man already existed in this game and that now Doc Ock was entering the dimension meant for an amazing and never-before-seen opportunity to have Doc Ock meet his former self. The story is revealed in both the events and in the final chapter of the Issue itself, but a really interesting factor is the distrust Superior Spider-Man is getting from his companions, including the original Peter Parker. What kind of threat does Solus present to players?

Tatiana Nahai: Solus provides an entirely new threat to “Spider-Man Unlimited,” as he’s really able to unite the Inheritors against the Spider-Men more—except for Karn, of course; Karn has his own experience with the Spider-Men. Along with Solus, there are two upcoming Multi-Day Events that will completely drive the story for the Spider-Verse finale. Break down “Clash of the Spiders” mode.

Tatiana Nahai: Clash of Spiders is the first event type that allows players to work as teams, rather than compete against each other! Players will be recruited to either join the Amazing Spider-Man’s team, or join Superior Spider-Man’s team, and compete by collecting “totem coins”—the team that collects the most coins will win, and the bigger the domination, the bigger the prizes. Plus, there’s single player progression rewards for collecting totems, and rewards given to the top collectors of each team. The entire idea was inspired by the Spider-Verse concept of Spider-Man and Superior Spider-Man having their own teams—and a rivalry—in the comics. We’ll cover them more in-depth as they debut, but which new Spideys will be getting introduced?

Tatiana Nahai: So many great ones! The update initiates with Superior Venom, [from] when Superior Spider-Man got taken over by the Symbiote, and he is by far one of my favorite Spider-Men we’ve released! Also coming up for Spider-Verse is Dr. Aikman Spider-Man and Spider-Ben (Uncle Ben Spider-Man), both created exclusively for Spider-Verse! But in addition to that, we have other Spider-Men who will be announced later, plus a Community Vote where players can vote for their favorite dimensional Spider-Men! Every Spider-Men released in this update will have playable debuts: the first time they’ve ever been released in a game! Anything else players should be on the lookout for?

Tatiana Nahai: Keep an eye out on the portals! There [are] new featured Spider-Men in every Event Portal, plus the VIP Portal will be getting regularly rotated updates, with your best chance to get Legendary Spideys!

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