Denys Cowan

Denys Cowan is a creator artist and animation producer-director. He gained prominence as the primary artist on The Question, an acclaimed comic book series published by DC Comics for 36 issues from 1987 on, written by Dennis O’Neil.

Denys Cowan’s noteworthy comics credits include the Batman story arc Blind Justice with writer Sam Hamm, which introduced the character Henri Ducard (later revised as a character for the movie Batman Begins). Cowan was also the penciller on the latter half of the 1990 Deathlok miniseries, published by Marvel Comics, which was written by Dwayne McDuffie and Gregory Wright as well as on the subsequent regular title of the same name.

Cowan is one of the founders of Milestone Media, and later worked as a producer on the animated series Static Shock, based on the Milestone character. More recently, he has been a producer of the television series, The Boondocks and executive producer of the animated Black Panther series. Cowan also was the Senior Vice President of Animation for Black Entertainment Television (BET).

Cowan’s recent projects include:
Django Unchained series for DC/Vertigo
“You Can’t Handle The Truth” comic strip with Reggie Hudlin for Ebony magazine
Flags of Our Fathers mini series for Marvel featuring
Black Panther and Captain America
Green Arrow with Jeff Lemire
Voodoo Child w Selwyn Hinds comicbook series for Vertigo

Cowan is currently the cover artist for Shaft from Dynamite Entertainment