Dengeki Bunko Celebrates 25 Years with “Best of” Anime Albums


When it comes to anime adaptations of light novels, publisher Dengeki Bunko has more than their fair share of turnover. With titles like Sword Art Online, Eromanga Sensei, and Kino’s Journey to their name, the publishing house is at the forefront of plenty of memorable titles.


Now, to celebrate their 25th anniversary, they’re highlighting a pair of series that got their start as Dengeki light novel titles: Shakugan no Shana and A Certain Scientific Railgun.

Both shows will be getting special edition CDs featuring themes and insert songs from the series. The track listing for each:


Shakugan no Shana -BEST-

1. “Hishoku no Sora” / Mami Kawada (OP1)

2. “Yoake Umarekuru Shoujo” / Yoko Takahashi (ED1)

3. “being” / KOTOKO (OP2)

4. “Aka no Seijaku” / Yoko Ishida (ED2)

5. “Tenjou wo Kakeru Monotachi” / Love Planet Five (movie theme)

6. “JOINT” / Mami Kawada (Shana II OP1)

7. “triangle” / Mami Kawada (Shana II ED1)

8. “BLAZE” / KOTOKO (Shana II OP2)

9. “Sociometry” / KOTOKO (Shana II ED2)

10. “sense” / Mami Kawada (Shana II episode 24 ED)

11. “Prophecy” / Mami Kawada (Shana S OVA OP)

12. “All in good time” / Mami Kawada (Shana S OVA ED)

13. “portamento” / Mami Kawada (Shana S OVA episode 4 insert song)

14. “Light My Fire” / KOTOKO (Shana III -FINAL- OP1)

15. “I’ll believe” / ALTIMA (Shana III -FINAL- ED1)

16. “Serment” / Mami Kawada (Shana III -FINAL- OP2)

17. “ONE” / ALTIMA (Shana III -FINAL- ED2)

18. “u/n” / Mami Kawada (Shana III -FINAL- episode 15 insert song)

19. “Akai Namida” / Mami Kawada (Shana III -FINAL- episode 19 insert song)

20. “Koubou” / Mami Kawada (Shana III -FINAL- episode 24 ED)



Certain Scientific Theme Songs

1. “only my railgun” / fripSide (OP1)

2. “Dear My Friend – Mada Minu Mirai e” / ELISA (ED1)

3. “SMILE -You & Me-” / ELISA (episode 12 ED)

4. “LEVEL5 -judgelight-” / fripSide (OP2)

5. “Real Force” / ELISA (ED2)

6. “future gazer” / fripSide (OVA OP)

7. “special ‘ONE'” / ELISA (OVA ED)

8. “way to answer” / fripSide (PSP game OP)

9. “sister’s noise” / fripSide (Railgun S OP1)

10. “Grow Slowly” / Yuka Iguchi (Railgun S ED1)

11. “stand still” / Yuka Iguchi (Railgun S episode 11 ED)

12. “eternal reality” / fripSide (Railgun S OP2)

13. “Links” / Sachika Misawa (Railgun S ED2)

14. “Infinia” / Sachika Misawa (Railgun S episode 23 ED)



Both albums drop January 24, and each can be ordered as either a regular edition (CD only) or first-pressing special edition (CD featuring Blu-Ray of the anime OP/EDs, as well as a clear file featuring the album art).


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Source: MoCa-News, Ota-Suke




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