Delicious and Totally Appetizing Food at Upcoming “Tokyo Ghoul” Cafe

What’s the best way to commemorate a big event for an anime franchise? A collaboration cafe with themed food. What’s an anime series that has a big event coming up? Tokyo Ghoul, with its film coming out this July.



Okay, so the food looks more than a little terrifying, but at least we know it’s on purpose.


The Tokyo Ghoul collab cafe will be taking place on the seventh floor of Ikebukuro PARCO at The Guest Cafe and Diner. It will feature a variety of creepy (but tasty) dishes based on the horror series. Above is “Himami’s Hamburg,” complete with a side of finger-shaped hot dogs. Check out a few more of the ghoulish dishes being offered:


Kaneki’s Eye Curry:

The “Are you really going to eat that…?” Burger

Tsukiyama’s Eyeball Mousse

RC Cell Drink

The full menu is available on the cafe’s website.


Patrons of the cafe will also be able to buy special limited-edition goods, including stickers and placemats that come with your orders.


The cafe will take place from May 27 to June 28. Also, starting May 31, there will be an exhibition of costumes from the film.


Tokyo Ghoul opens in Japanese cinemas on June 29.


Source: Otakomu




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