Deadlift Lolita Singer Gets Cooking in UzaMaid! MVs


In the world of anime, muscle maid Tsubame is unmatched. But here in the real world, she’s got an admirabile stand-in thanks to “muscle idol” Reika Saiki.


The multitalented Saiki is a pro-wrestler, bodybuilder, singer, and idol. At present, she’s also 1/2 of the idol duo Deadlift Lolita, alongside Australian wrestler and singer Ladybeard.


Deadlift Lolita Singer Gets Cooking in UzaMaid! MVs


Saiki has teamed up with Kadokawa to create UzaMaid! MVs for the show’s OP and ED themes. Fortunately, while she’s as ripped as Tsubame, the two don’t share the same obsessions. The “muscle idol” spends the videos cooking, training, and otherwise offering free previews of the gun show.


Check out the two vids:




Sakai also occasionally posts short videos and other UzaMaid! content on her own Twitter feed, @saikireika.


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