“Date A Live” Film’s Gamers Limited Edition DVD/Blu-ray Comes with Yoshino Big Tapestry

Gamers, one of the largest anime/manga/game-related merchandise shop chains in Japan, has started accepting pre-orders for the DVD/Blu-ray of the feature film Date A Live: Mayuri Judgement for a February 26, 2016 release. The chain’s limited edition set includes a giant 800mm x 1,500mm size tapestry of Yoshino and an A4-size clear file of the same visual (without the background art). The price for the Gamers limited edition DVD is 10,044 yen  (about 81.52 US dollars) and that for the Blu-ray is 11,124 yen (90.27 US dollars).


The basic limited edition set also includes a newly written 128-page novel “Mayuri Around/Tohka Notice” by the novel’s original author Koushi Tachibana, box art by the novel’s original illustrator Tsunako, Digi-pack illustration by the anime character designer Kouji Watanabe, a guidebook based on the film’s pamphlet, and bonus footage including “Go☆Summer Girl” and the film’s premiere event.  


The film, based on an original story by Koushi Tachibana who also served as supervisor, released in Japan

on August 22, 2015. In spite of its very limited release with 24 theaters, it ranked a well-done 13th in the

weekly box office, earning 29 million yen in its first weekend. However, its total gross has not been confirmed.



Tapestry image



Box art by Tsunako 



Digi-pack illustration by Kouji Watanabe



Limited edition set



PV for the DVD/Blu-ray



Source: press release


(C) 2015 Koushi Tachibana, Tsunako/kadokawa/”Date A Live Film” Production Committee