Daryl’s “A” Uniform Finally Explained

The first half of The Walking Dead Season 7 had Daryl locked up as a prisoner in The Sanctuary for threatening Negan’s life. Before he was broken out we witnessed the harsh conditions he had to endure, including this rancid sack of clothes he wore with a red A painted on the front. So what did the A stand for? With his an homage to Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Scarlett letter or something else?

According to the Season 7 Blu-Ray, we finally have an answer. Angela Kang, who wrote the infamous Daryl prisoner episode “The Cell,” revealed “It just means ‘asshole.” She went on to explain the Saviors’ tactics. “They’re being juvenile. Like an asshole and an ‘F’ and an ‘S’ for ‘f**kface’ and ‘shithead’.” When asked his opinion on the cryptic A, Reedus joked, “I thought it meant Aquarius.”

The DVD extra also revealed his sweats weren’t a part of the original costume. “Scott thought it would look too much like LOST,” Kang confessed, referencing the Dharma Initiative outfits from LOST (pictured below). So to avoid it, they went with the dirty sweats.


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