Cute and Combat Clash in “Pastel Memories” TV Anime Key Visual


A new key visual (above) has been published for Pastel Memories, an upcoming TV anime based on the “otaku girls” smart phone game by FuRyu in which players attempt to protect the heart and soul of Akihabara by defending virtual worlds from viruses that devour people’s fond memories of anime and manga. The new visual features main character Izumi Asagi (voiced by Hiyori Nitta) in both her cafe uniform and her steampunk battle gear.



The story of Pastel Memories is set in the future year 20XX, when the otaku culture in the town of Akihabara, which was once called “the holy land of otaku”, has declined. As people forget about their favorite pop culture works, Akihabara transforms into a boring business town. A group of girls with otaku-related skills gather at “Rabbit Hutch Head Office”, one of the few remaining otaku shops, and together they try to protect Akihabara by fighting against the memory-eating viruses that invade various fantastical worlds.



The Pastel Memories TV anime is directed by Yasuyuki Shinozaki and features animation by project No.9. The release date for the series has not yet been revealed.





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