Crypton Future Media Teases “KAITO 10th Anniversary” Project


A new teaser website reveals that Crypton Future Media is planning something special for the 10th anniversary of KAITO, their Vocaloid virtual idol based on voice samples from Naoto Fūga. The website (available here) currently only features some English text, social media buttons, and a background image of a throne with a blue cape drape across its arms. The throne stands atop a large playing card bearing KAITO’s name and is wreathed by laurels. 



KAITO was originally released in 2006, although the most recent iteration of the voice synthesizing software, KAITO V3, was released in 2013. No word is yet available as to whether the 10th anniversary plans involve a new iteration of the software or not.


More information will be released later on the official KARENT Twitter feed (@KarenT_Crypton) using the hashtag #KAITO10th.


Source: Hatsune Miku Official Blog


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