Critical Role

It’s (almost) here!
Our Vox Machina: Origins hardcover editions, created with love with our friends at Dark Horse Comics, will be on sale on 5/31 through the Geek & Sundry online store.
Both editions include the complete collection of Vox Machina Origins #1–#6, sweet extras like annotated cover process pieces, preliminary character sketches, and character descriptions and stats. More info here: And now, the moment Critical Role fans have all been waiting for: the print collections–a standard and a limited edition–of the Vox Machina: Origins digital comics go on sale MAY 31! These will be available through the Geek & Sundry online store. Details:

We will let you know if future editions or reprints will be distributed through other means. Creators: Matthew Mercer, Matt Colville, Olivia Samson, Chris Northrop. Regular edition cover art: Stjepan Šejić