Creamy Mami’s Singer Is Back – And She Needs Your Support!


It’s been a few years since Creamy Mami has been in the spotlight — but her voice actress, Takako Ota, is setting up to begin producing new albums. And she wants your help!



The new album is a collaborative effort with musician Kazuaki Miyaji. Fans may have heard Miyaji’s work in the JRPG Momotaro Densetsu, or as the OP artist for Captain Tsubasa J under the name Face Free. Ota and Miyaji announced the new project on the Nico Nico channel Tatsumi TV, for which the pair are the main presenters and personalities.


The new album plans come in the wake of repeated fan requests. The project comes not long after a rebranding of the pair’s show as Takako Ota’s Doki Doki Club R, adding personality Reiko Iwaoka as a third presenter.



Albums will include music performed by a variety of artists at Miyaji’s “TONES night” performances, and consist of both studio and live recordings.


No link has been given for the crowdfunding project yet, but it’s sure to be incoming.


Source: Anime! Anime!




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