Cover Illustration for “Suite PreCure♪” Sequel Novel Revealed

Kodansha has revealed a cover illustration for the upcoming novel sequel to the eighth PreCure TV anime series Suite PreCure♪, which is scheduled to be released from its Character Bunko imprint on November 22. This is the fifth PreCure novel from the imprint following Futari wa PreCure and HeartCatch PreCure! (both in September 2015), Fresh PreCure! (March 2016), and the most recent Smile PreCure! (October 2016). The eighth TV series was aired for 48 episodes from February 2011 to January 2012, and has been considered as one of the most commercially and critically successful series in the franchise.


The sequel novel is written by the TV anime’s original series composition writer Toshiya Ohno and the cover art is newly drawn by the character designer Akira Takahashi, who later also worked on the 10th series Dokidoki! PreCure (2013-2014).


The story is set after the TV anime, when the two protagonist girls, Hibiki Hojo (Cure Melody) and Kanade

Minamino (Cure Rhythm) are in the third year of Private Aria Academy junior high. While Hibiki is preparing

for studying in Germany, Kanade is busy in preparation for her coming patissier school entrance examination.

Since Siren/Ellen (Cure Beat) and Ako (Cure Muse) also devote themselves to their own way of life, Hibiki

has felt lonely. But one day, Masamune Ouji, the senior Kanade looks up to, suddenly goes missing and the

search for the criminal begins, Kanon-cho, the town the two have lived, is covered with gloom. At the same

time, shrouding black cloud start sucking up the people of the town to the sky, then Hibiki and Kanade become

the only two staying on the earth. What is the identity of the black cloud? Together with Ellen and Ako, can

Hibiki and Kanade save everyone?





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Source: Kodansha Character Bunko Twitter


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