Conquer the Korvac Saga in ‘Marvel Mighty Heroes’

Our heroes have made headway in piecing the Reality Gem back together, though Maximus the Mad threatens to send them back to square one. DeNA Senior Producer John King chats about this week’s “Marvel Mighty Heroes” event and what you can do to take down the insane Inhuman! With reality shifting and morphing our heroes hold on to what little stability left to them in the Forest Hills and Holy Wood. What’s Black Panther up to?

John King: Black Panther is looking for recruits at Forrest Hills and Holy Wood. If you’re fighting for the fate of reality you need all the help you can get! What kind of missions are we facing this week?

John King: It’s going to be a mix of defeating multiple bad guys at the same time, dodging turret blasts, and battling each other. It’s all in a day’s work for our heroes. Maximus the Mad appears yet again to harass our heroes. What’s a member of the Inhuman Royal Family doing here? Has Maximus sided with Thanos and his ilk?

John King: Maximus the Mad is trying to be part of Thanos’ Black Order, having proven himself to be a potent opponent for the Mad Titan. He is quickly becoming a fine addition to Thanos’ world dominating group. With reality shifting as it has, it’s in Maximus’ best interest to side with the clear winners. What’s the best way to send Maximus packing, besides bringing in his brother Black Bolt?

John King: Do not get close to him! He likes to use his genius level intellect to create terrifying technology to destroy his enemies. Here’s a tip: send in your Bruisers to soften him for your Blasters. Who are our featured event characters this week? And what are they bringing to the table for players?

John King: Black Panther’s search for allies has produced some fine candidates. The Vision uses his Deadly Vision to attack enemies from afar and Yondu…yes Yondu…sends his Whistling Arrow to hit large groups of people. Yondu? How’d that backwater pirate get involved with this stuff?

John King: Wrong place at the right time? Just because he’s a space pirate doesn’t mean he is oblivious to [knowing] right from wrong! Piercing reality back together is beneficial for all and personally, having that red fin in “Marvel Mighty Heroes” is a comfort to this old comics fan. Anything else we need to know about Secret Wars?

John King: This is the penultimate event. Your heroes have been gathering up pieces of the shattered Reality Gem—and only two more shards remain. 

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