Connect with “King of Fighters” in “Valkyrie Connect” Collab

Kyo, Mai, and many more are joining the world of Norse mythology when King of Fighters meets Valkyrie Connect.

The smartphone game lets you command a variety of mythological figures, voiced by big names in the anime industry, as they quest across their homeland. Previously home to a Vocaloid collaboration, Valkyrie Connect occasionally lets heroes from other franchises join the brawl. Their new trailer shows a few in action:



Four KoF characters will be making their way into the franchise, accompanied by special gear:


Kyo Kusanagi (CV Tomoaki Maeno) will appear to players in a special event, in which Odin summons his greatest warriors to a fighting tournament in another dimension. It may be that, as with previous special events, Kyo will be available for the duration of the collaboration, and available to keep if he’s leveled up to a certain degree by the end. His custom weapon, the True Fire Gloves, will also be available.


Omega Rugal (CV Tsuguo Mogami) will be the boss of a limited-time Connect Battle. Join the battle to win Omega Rugal Medals, which can be exchanged during the event for a two-star Omega Rugal and his custom gear, the Slaughter Suit.


More characters will also be available via summons:


Iori Yagami (CV Takanori Hoshino)


Mai Shiranui (CV Ami Koshimizu)


Everyone who logs in during the event will also receive Shiranui’s Fan.


Sadly, while Valkyrie Connect is available in North America, it seems that this collaboration is currently only for Japanese servers.


The King of Fighters x Valkyrie Connect event runs until August 2. Check out the official website for more info.


Source: MoCa-News




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