Coming Soon: Zebra Imaging to Produce Star Wars Holograms

Zebra Imaging are soon to announce the launch of a series of 3D Holograms based on characters and scenes from across the Star Wars galaxy.

“Star Wars was a huge inspiration to Zebra Imaging’s – founders as they were revolutionizing 3D visualization technologies at MIT,” said Mike Masters, Chief Marketing Officer for Zebra Imaging. “This work led not only to the formation of Zebra Imaging, but also to a significant leap toward realizing the vision of holograms portrayed in Star Wars. We are excited for the opportunity to work with Disney Consumer Products and Lucasfilm to bring Star Wars fans an exceptional holographic experience.”

Zebra Imaging 3D Holograms are printed on black gloss acrylic and feature a holographic Star Wars character or scene on the front and an elegantly styled Star Wars logo on the back. These sleekly designed 3D Holograms are viewed within a light field display stand illuminates the 3D Star Wars scene and allows consumers to view the 3D scene without the need for cumbersome 3D glasses or lenses.

In order to deliver a true 3D experience, each Star Wars 3D hologram contains nearly as many frames as a feature length movie. This density of data ensures that these holograms will bring Star Wars characters and scenes to life in a way that fans have never seen before. Zebra Imaging’s Star Wars 3D Holograms are envisioned as high-quality collectibles for the serious enthusiast.
The first series of holograms will arrive in December with availability at select Comic Cons,, and

Visit our booth at #201 to find out more about our holograms and how they are created.

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