Coming Soon: Crash Bandicoot™ Pop!s

Pop! Games: Crash Bandicoot™

The hit platform video game Crash Bandicoot™
is now receiving the Pop! vinyl treatment!

This series features the high-speed, energetic Crash Bandicoot,
the short-tempered, reckless boss Neo Cortex and more!

Look for the black and white Crash
Bandicoot – a chase variant with a rarity of 1-in-6!

Collect them this Fall!  

Be on the lookout for exclusives!
Flocked Crash Bandicoot, only at GameStop.

 Crash Bandicoot with Jet Pack can be
found only at Toys “R” Us.

At Best Buy, Glow in the Dark Crash Bandicoot!

Crash Bandicoot in Biker outfit
available only at Hot Topic.

Coming this November!