Comedy Duo Yoiko Takes Up “Minecraft” Challenge With Web Series


Comedy duo Yoiko (composed of Shinya Arino and Masaru Hamaguchi) are no strangers to video games in their respective roles in Game Center CX and Game Center DX, but now the two are undertaking a new challenge: surviving a blind playthrough of Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch.



The new program, entitled Yoiko no Minecraft de Survival Seikatsu (“Yoiko’s Minecraft Survival Life”) will feature Arino and Hamaguchi muddling through the hugely popular crafting game with no prior knowledge on how to play or what to do. To aid them in their quest, fans are encouraged to post advice to an official Twitter feed (@yoiko_minecraft) using the hashtag .



However, the show’s producers note that both Arino and Hamaguchi are complete amateurs and that the show is not a live broadcast, so Yoiko might not understand the advice that is given to them. Will Arino and Hamaguchi be able to survive?


The first episode of Yoiko no Minecraft de Survival Seikatsu will be recorded on May 15, 2017, at about 12PM JST, and episodes will be distributed online beginning in June of 2017.


Source: Official Nintendo home page (Japanese) via My Game News Flash


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