Check Preview for “Love Live! Sunshine!!” Aqours’ Christmas Songs

Japanese record company Lantis’ official YouTube channel has posted a sound-only preview for “Jingle Bells ga Tomaranai” (Can’t Stop The Jingle Bells) and “Seinaru Hi no Inori” (Prayer of The Holy Day), new songs performed by the VA unit Aqours from the Love Live! Sunshine!! franchise. It will be released as the unit’s first collaboration single for the Love Live! School idol festival smartphone game on November 23.


The CD single also comes with one of the nine Christmas cards featuring the members (you need to by at least nine singles to complete the set) and a entry coupon for the unit’s special event to be held at Toyosu PIT in Tokyo on December 27. 




CD jacket illustration



Meanwhile, the unit’s latest single “Omoiyo Hitotsu ni Nare/MIRAI TICKET” (November 9 release/TV anime’s

11th and 13th episode insert songs) sold 36,798 copies in its first week, ranking third in the Oricon weekly

single chart. All of the seven singles performed by the unit have ranked in the top 5 of the chart so far.  



60-second Cm for “Omoiyo Hitotsu ni Nare”


60-second CM for “MIRAI TICKET”


CD jacket illustration

Check Preview for



Source: “Love Live! Sunshine!!” official website, Mantan Web


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