Check Out the “Record of Lodoss War” Stage Play Cast in Costume

A stage play adaptation of Ryo Mizuno’s fantasy novel series Record of Lodoss War is coming to the Kinokuniya Southern Theater in Shinjuku in January of 2017, and now more cast members have been unveiled in their full stage makeup and costumes. The cast members featured include:



Tetsuya Sugaya as Parn. (previously revealed)



Aika Ohta as Deedlit. (previously revealed)


Tsuji Ryoshiro as Ashram.


Airu Shiozaki as Woodchuck.



Piko as Etoh.



Sarara Tsukifune as Karla the Grey Witch.



Atsushi Fukazawa as Gim.



Hiroki Sana as Slayn.



Saori Yasaka as Parn’s Mother.


Yoshihiko Narimatsu as Wagnard.



Suguru Onaga as King Fahn.



Yuka Miyaji as Princess Fianna.



And Hidekazu Nagae as Emperor Beld.



The stage version of Record of Lodoss War is written and directed by Hideki Sonoda, and it adapts “The Grey Witch arc” of the storyline. The play will be staged from January 06 – January 14, 2017, at the Kinokuniya Southern Theater venue in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.




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