Check Out The First “Miitopia” Footage

Recently during its Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct stream, Nintendo announced a special game called Miitopia, which will be making its debut on December 8 in Japan. Now there’s a heaping helping of information floating around about it!


The story will take place in the fictional world of Miitopia, where a group of Miis live together peacefully up until the entrance of a Great Demon King, who steals the Mii’s individual faces one by one, sending the world spiraling into chaos. You use your own Miis to go on an adventure to defeat the Great Demon King, but you don’t control them directly. Instead, you “watch over” them as they go on their quest.


You can set the characters in-game as your Miis and personal creations, and set personality traits as well. You can assign several character classes as well, such as Idol, Soldier, Magician, Thief, and Tank.


The monsters your Miis will face along the way will feature stolen faces, including your creations’ individual personality traits, job, and other traits. You’ll also want to make sure your Miis get along with each other, much like in Tomodachi Life, to enable “Favorability Actions.” They’ll be able to perform various different moves based on this factor.


The game is set for release as both a physical and digital copy in Japan on December 8 for 4,700 yen. No word has been given yet about a possible western release.



[via Gematsu]


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