Check Out Special Preview for Kemono Friends VA Unit Doubutsu Biscuits’ Debut Album

To promote the upcoming release, the Kemono Friends Project’s official YouTube channel has started streaming a 14-minute preview for its three-member voice actress unit Doubutsu Biscuits’ first full album “Safari Drive♪.” The 12-song album is scheduled to be released from Victor Entertainment on this year’s World Animal Day, October 4.


The unit consists of Yuka Ozaki (Serval), Kana Motomiya (Fennec), and Saki Ono (Araiguma/Common Raccoon). Along with PPP, it was originally formed for the Kemono Friends TV anime in late 2016 and performed the anime’s OP theme song “Yokoso Japari Park he” (Welcome to The Japari Park).




Song list:

 1. “Happy Biscuit” by Doubutsu Bisucuits

 2. “Hop Step Friends” by Doubutsu Biscuits (from “Japari Café” album in June 2017)

 3. “My Pace Chaser” by Common Raccoon and Fennec with Serval (from “Japari Café2” album in December 2017)

 4. “Popin’ Japarism” by Doubutsu Biscuits

 5. “Minna de Gao! Gao!” by Serval

 6. “Like Araito” by Fennec

 7. “Omakasenanoda!” by Araiguma

 8. “Fun Fun Melody♪” by Doubutsu Biscuits (from their 2nd single in December 2017)

 9. “Great Journey!” by Doubutsu Biscuits


 10. “Nandemo Iukoto wo Kiitekureru (she listens to whatever I say) Fennec” by Araiguma and Fennec

 11. “Yokoso Japari Park he” (Xmas ver.) by Doubutsu Biscuits

 12. “Boku no Friend” Serval, Kaban, Araiguma, Fennec



The album’s 3,300-yen first press limited edition comes with a bonus drama CD “Uta no Moto” (The Origin

of Songs) performed by all members of Doubutsu Biscuits and PPP. Its story is introduced as below:


One day, Serval, Araiguma, and Fennec find “The Origin of Songs” in the corner of Japari Park. In cooperation

with their friends PPP, they deliver “something” that is born from “The Origin of Songs” through out the park.


Limited edition CD jacket


Regular edition

Check Out Special Preview for Kemono Friends VA Unit Doubutsu Biscuits' Debut Album



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