Character Designs For “Black Lagoon” Author’s “Re:Creators” Anime Previewed

This spring, Black Lagoon creator Rei Hiroe serves as concept creator, character designer and writer for Re:Creators, a TV anime directed by Ei Aoki (Fate/ZeroAldnoah.Zero) at his Studio Troyca. The plot is described as following a group of characters from different stories who gain “intention” and go after the gods who created them. 


Out yesterday, the February issue of Lagoon home magazine Sunday GX spoke to Hiroe about the project, and timed for that, a look at the character designs were published online.


Staff includes

Original: Rei Hiroe
Director:Ei Aoki
Assistant Director: Makoto Kato (Beautiful Bones – Sakurako’s Investigation –)
Series composition: Aoki/Hiroe
Character design: Ryuichi Makino (Wandering Son)
Animator director: Ryuichi Makino,Jun Nakai
Main animator: Masako Matsumoto, Aoi Yamamoto
Mech design: I-IV (Aldnoah.Zero) 
Effect animation: Takashi Hashimoto
Art director: Kouki Nagayoshi
Art setting: Masahiro Sato, Tomoyasu Fujise
Color design: Mariko Shinohara
Art direction: Tomoyuki Arima, Takuya Sejima
CG Director: Miki Yoshida, Mitsutaka Iguchi
Visual effect: Ryosuke Tsuda
Director of Photography: Tomoyoshi Kato
Editor:  Syota Migiyama
Sound director: Kawahito Meida
Sound Production: Magic Capsule
Music: Hiroyuki Sawano (Aldnoah.Zero) 
Animation Production: TROYCA



 Character Designs For



The series is also getting a manga tie-in from Daiki Kato

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