Champion: Who’s the Best Walking Dead Villain of All Time?

Who’s the best villain of the series? Tens of thousands of votes by fans like you have finally decided of all time (so far), and that villain is…


The Walking Dead (Season 2)

Shane crushed The Governor in the final round in an 88%-12% landslide. As shocking as his victory over tradition villains like The Governor and Negan seems, Shane WAS the original Walking Dead antagonist. As Emma12 pointed out in our Final Round discussion, “Shane is loved so much as a villain because he wasn’t the same as people like Negan and The Governor. They were so obviously a typical villain from the beginning (but) Shane had closer personal connections to Rick, his family and the group.”

Good call, Emma. Shane didn’t fit the traditional villain mold but he DID become dangerous inside the group when he decided Lori and Carl belonged to him and did anything to protect that. But does protecting people you love classify you as a villain? “I think that one of the really cool things about the show was that there were not going to be good guys and bad guys, no ‘heroes and villains,’ Shane actor Jon Bernthal told Starcasm a few years ago. “We were really trying to make this as authentic and real a piece as we could. And I think what’s so important for that is to have characters that are always trying to do what they think is right all the time.”

Although Bernthal didn’t view Shane as a classic villain, the character still spun out of control and became too dangerous for the group. The Walking Dead routinely features characters where the line between good and evil is blurred…which is why we added Rick into the original bracket because some could argue he’s also a villain. Check out our entire villain bracket from each round below and tell us what YOU think about Shane winning.