Celebrate the New Year with Special “One Piece” Osechi Boxes

Osechi are traditional Japanese New Year foods, usually served in multi-layered boxes. Osaka-based Ichifuji Catering has accepted pre-orders for its special Osechi box set featuring newly-drawn illustrations of the characters from the internationally popular anime series One Piece. Pre-orders for the 17,280-yen (about 150 US dollars) set for two people will be accepted till December 22, and it will be delivered on December 31.


Main visual


Full set of the “One Piece” osechi




Illustrated Jyubako



1st box “Pirate’s Seafood Set” (15 dishes):

Smoked Hokkaido salmon, sweetened chestnuts, Rose Salmon, flavored cooked fish roe, common octopus

with plum vinegar taste, uncut boiled shrimps, herring roe, dried sardines, walnut with skipjack tuna flavor,

amberfish teriyaki, crab legs, black soybeans, salmon roe dipped with soy sauce, smoked Japanese scallops,

kumquats with leaves 



2nd box “Luffy’s Nikuniku (Meat Meat) Set” (14 dishes):

Salmon terrine, smoked duck, roast beef, chicken leg teriyaki, chicken leg tasted with tomato and basil,

omelette with the Pirate flag, Hokkaido chicken herb roll, terrine of shrimps and sea urchin, marble cheese,

pastrami beef, frankfurt sausages with bones, soft rafute, roast pork with brown sugar, sweet boiled young peach



In addition to the two boxes filled with various Osechi Ryori (special dishes prepared for the New Year),

the set also includes illustrated Jyubako (decorated boxes), two plates, two pairs of chopsticks, two

chopstick stands, and a cooler bag.



Source: Ichifuji Catering press release