Catch Up on Uber Now Before Invasion

The long-awaited second chapter of Uber – Invasion, is coming very soon.  Kieron Gillen created something truly unique and powerfully moving in the pages of this altered history war story.  And fans have been clamoring for the next part of … Continue reading

Uber Redefines Horror and History

Kieron Gillen is an amazing writer who has entertained us with some of the best comics of the past decade.  Among those incredible tales the story of Uber stands out as a stark and powerful vision that has redefined horror and … Continue reading

Avatar Press New to ComiXology 9/23/15

This is the new Avatar Press digital item coming to ComiXology on Wednesday 9/23/15: War Stories Vol 2 New Edition PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      A new re-mastered edition of the second volume of the original War Stories, written by Garth … Continue reading

Los Angeles! Meet the creators of The Lion of Rora at 3rd Street…

Los Angeles! Meet the creators of The Lion of Rora at 3rd Street Promenade Barnes & Noble tomorrow, 12 pm!

Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 7/1/15

These are the new Avatar Press items coming to comic shops on Wednesday 7/1/15: God is Dead #37 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      It all changes right here! As volume seven of Mike Costa’s epic odyssey starts, everything you know is … Continue reading

Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 6/3/15

These are the new Avatar Press comics that will be arriving at local comic shops on Wednesday 6/3/15: Crossed: Badlands #78 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:     Kieron Gillen explores ancient history and a point where the human species was nearly wiped … Continue reading

All hail our Wonder Warriors:babylonthrum, @grey-eyed-gemini,…

All hail our Wonder Warriors:

babylonthrum, @grey-eyed-gemini, insane-halloween-lover, Whoopi Goldberg, nfcomics

Long live their Wonders!

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Our Wonder Warrior tribe is strong and growing. Imagination will…

Our Wonder Warrior tribe is strong and growing. Imagination will one day take hold! 

We salute our brave Wednesday Warriors: babylonthrum , grey-eyed-gemini, Whoopi Goldberg and insane-halloween-lover 

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Are You Abandoning Your WONDER for Reality???

This real world discourages you from looking up at the sky in WONDER.  It keeps you focus on making money and having power,  BUT WHY???

Why make ka-zillions when you can make your dreams come true? Why corrupt yourself for power, when you can empower your loves?

Reality causes you to perpetuate, preserve and pollute. Wonder causes you to create, explore and build! No one day dreams about the kick-awesome things that you do. Explore it! Explore your Imagination and bring it forth into reality!

Bring your WONDER into this real world like @grey-eyed-gemini our Wednesday Wonder Warrior!!!!!

grey-eyed-gemini stepped up to the battle lines when WONDER first called and declared their-self a WONDER WARRIOR. Now Wonderland declares, grey-eyed-gemini

Long live grey-eyed-gemini  !!!!

Uber New Year

Welcome to the future!  It’s 2015 and if you haven’t been reading Kieron Gillen’s masterful re-imagining of World War II with super-human enhanced soldiers, you’ve been missing out on one of the best new ongoing series being published.  Uber manages … Continue reading

New in December Previews – Uber Vol 3 Tp

Kieron Gillen’s powerful tale of enhanced soldier warfare in the dying days of World War II has become a must read series for comic fans.  The carefully thought out and powerfully told story has captivated audiences and redefined the alternate … Continue reading

Garth Ennis Combat Collection on ComiXology

Garth Ennis has created some of the longest lasting and impacting stories of soldiers and war that comics have ever seen.  From the deserts of Afghanistan in the pages of Stitched to the old west in Streets of Glory, his tales … Continue reading

Max Brooks Announces Extinction Parade: War

New York Times Bestselling Author Max Brooks, unleashes the next exciting chapter of his Zombies vs. Vampires comic book series Extinction Parade: War in July.  Brooks has been a driving force behind the resurgence in zombie interest over the last … Continue reading

Uber Vol 1 TP Delivers Horrors of War

Kieron Gillen and Caanan White’s Uber was one of the most talked about new series of 2013.  With a fresh take on the super soldier, Uber has changed the face of altered history war comics.  Fans have watched as the … Continue reading

Uber #7 Draws High Praise From Horror Fans

  Each week, Decapitated Dan reviews the best horror comics around in the Horror Comic Round Up.  And since the beginning, Dan has been a strong supporter of the series Uber.  Kieron Gillen and Caanan White have put together a … Continue reading