A Stroll Down Memory Lane.

In ONIMONOGATARI (Demon Tale), the spotlight once again is on Shinobu Oshino (fka the uber-aberration Kissshot Acerolaorion Heartunderblade). In this installment of the Monogatari epic, Shinobu shares with Koyomi Araragi her recollections of events that happened 400 years ago, when … Continue reading

Our Top 7 Vampire Guys

One of anime’s favorite supernatural figures is the vampire- the (typically) charming and blood-loving undead being that hates garlic and sunlight. SERVAMP, which is chock full of the cutest vampires we’ve seen in awhile, is coming out to Blu-ray/DVD this October, so we’re devoting a listicle to our favorite anime vampires! Check it out below. […]

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Hot summer, hot reading from VERTICAL!

It’s June and now the summer is really getting started! Time for the beach, the pool, some quiet reading in the shade – and some of the best that Vertical has to offer. The month is bookended by the release … Continue reading

April Showers mean more Vertical Reading Hours

New Releases Ajin: Demi-Human, 09 by Gamon Sakurai Devils’ Line, 07 by Ryo Hanada Tokyo ESP, 08 by Hajime Segawa Immortal Hounds, 04 by Ryo Yasohachi April is a month of transition. With it comes spring showers, warmer longer days, … Continue reading

MY PATHETIC VAMPIRE LIFE, volume 2Story and art by: Ishikawa…


Story and art by: Ishikawa Rose
MSRP: $12.99
Release date: February 7, 2017


The sullen vampire Koide-kun may now be a member of the cool
guys’ clique, but he’s still got plenty of problems to deal with. Not only have
the girls uncovered his true nature, but a trip to the graveyard leaves him at
odds with the very people he’s been trying to impress…the in-crowd! There may
still be a chance to prove himself, however, at the upcoming school cultural
festival. Is there any hope left for a depressive vampire who gets everything
wrong no matter how hard he tries?

Say Farewell to 2016 with Vertical

New Releases BLAME!, 02 by Tsutomu Nihei Mysterious Girlfriend X, 04 by Riichi Ueshiba The Complete Chi’s Sweet Home, 04 by Konami Kanata Devils’ Line, 04 by Ryo Hanada As 2016 comes to a close, some of us in the … Continue reading

You’re Gonna Fall for These Hits

So Much Manga to Choose From… Two months worth of manga to cover, so let’s get going… New Releases Witchcraft Works, 09 by Ryu Mizunagi Wolfsmund, 07 by Mitsuhisa Kuji Tokyo ESP, 06 by Hajime Segawa To the Abandoned Sacred … Continue reading

Summer Reading – George RR Martin’s Fevre Dream

We continue our series of articles with some of Avatar’s best collections to take with you on a trip to the beach or local pool.  Today we are revisiting George RR Martin’s classic period piece about vampires in Mississippi.  Set … Continue reading

News & Reviews – 9/5/2015Blood Feud “hints at perhaps the…

News & Reviews – 9/5/2015

Blood Feud “hints at perhaps the purest horror experience in comics for some time.“

Blood Feud has “a nice and spooky setting that stands out from the normal horror type“

“Justin Greenwood delivers an exciting fluid story and brings to life the car chase and action of Stringers.“

Stringers “You can feel the old fluorescent bulbs robbing color from the interior
shots. The street lights and headlights bleach color from the shadows in
exterior frames.“

“The first issue of Stringers starts the series off with a bang and
moves through the story at a car chases pace, with a whole mess of
diversions thrown in. It is fast and fun the whole time, with as much as
possible jammed into the first issue.“

Elk’s Run “Noel Tuazon’s moody atmosphere serves the mystery well.“

“There is an Invader Zim-sized hole in both my heart and the universe, and this comic book fills that hole more than anything else ever could.“

News & Reviews – 8/29/15Thank you for making Invader Zim #2…

News & Reviews – 8/29/15

Thank you for making Invader Zim #2 a huge hit last week!

Near Mint Comic Show talks with Marc Guggenheim about Stringers in a podcast interview!

Blood Feud “Perfectly scratches that Halloween itch.”

Stringers “Evokes classic action movies from the 1980s and 1990s…The art of
Justin Greenwood has…an expressiveness and fluidity that make him a
great match for Guggenheim’s character-driven, action-packed script.”

“I’m sold on Stringers. The characters feel comfortable, the story is interesting, and the action is non-stop.”

We couldn’t have asked for a better, more adorable review of Do-Gooders

Princess Ugg Volume 2 is one of Good Comics 4 Kids’ Weekly Picks!

The first digital issue of Joshua Fialkov’s landmark work Elk’s Run is out now

Elk’s Run “Joshua Hale Fialkov sets
up some interesting characters and a solid mystery and on top of that,
leaves us with an ending twisted enough to make us want to come back for

cbldf and Tweeks highlights Oni’s Sidescrollers, one of YALSA’s Great Graphic Novels for Teens

CBR and Comics Should be Good! on Ares & Aphrodite, “A charming story with very nice art.“

Avatar Brings Max Brooks to C2E2

Avatar Press is at the Chicago based C2E2 convention this weekend and we are bringing New York Times bestselling author, Max Brooks!  This is your chance to meet Brooks in person, talk about his incredible books like World War Z … Continue reading

New in Previews – Max Brooks Extinction Parade Vol 2 War TP

Max Brooks has been reinventing the zombie genre for year with his well researched and innovative stories about combating the undead.  His Zombie Survival Guide is an instruction manual on surviving the uprising of the shambling dead.  But what happens … Continue reading

Max Brooks Announces Extinction Parade Free for Halloween Comic Fest

New York Times bestselling author and noted zombie scribe, Max Brooks, has spent the last decade educating fans and zombie fanatics on the best ways to survive an undead uprising.  His lectures are always sold out and standing room only … Continue reading

Max Brooks Delivers Giant-Sized Finale to Extinction Parade: War

The final issue of the second chapter in Max Brooks’ masterpiece horror series Extinction Parade: War is a giant sized 40 page installment that promises major upheaval in the vampires vs zombies conflict.  Featured in the September Previews in stores … Continue reading

New Avatar Comics in Stores 8/6/14

New Avatar Press comics in stores this week on Wednesday 8/6/14: Dicks End of Time #3 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:     GARTH ENNIS has made amusing readers the highest priority as he and JOHN MCCREA send the Boys from Belfast on … Continue reading

Max Brooks Declares War!

New in comic shops today, the second chapter of Max Brooks’ dynamic Vampires versus Zombies story issues the call for all out war!  The vampire race has finally come out of its self induced state of denial about the dire … Continue reading

Avatar Press New to ComiXology 7/2/14

Avatar Press new comics to ComiXology Wednesday 7/2/14 Same Day as Print: Caliban #4 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:     Enter a world of creeping horror and unimaginable terror as GARTH ENNIS weaves a tale set in the frozen wastes of deep … Continue reading

Avatar Press New To Comic Shops 7/2/14

New Avatar Press items to comic shops Wednesday 7/2/14: Caliban #4 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      Enter a world of creeping horror and unimaginable terror as GARTH ENNIS weaves a tale set in the frozen wastes of deep space.  The crew … Continue reading

Max Brooks Extinction Parade TP Arrives in Comic Shops

The first chapter of Max Brooks’ masterful Vampires versus Zombies arrives in comic shops today with the Extinction Parade Vol 1 TP.  Brooks is well known for his zombie fiction with New York Times Bestsellers World War Z and the … Continue reading

Inside Max Brooks’ Extinction Parade

Max Brooks’ first chapter of his new Vampires vs. Zombies epic is collected into a horrifying trade paperback in this month’s issue of Previews.  Fans of Brooks’ signature tales of intelligent horror have flocked to the Extinction Parade comic and … Continue reading