Our Top 7 Vampire Guys

One of anime’s favorite supernatural figures is the vampire- the (typically) charming and blood-loving undead being that hates garlic and sunlight. SERVAMP, which is chock full of the cutest vampires we’ve seen in awhile, is coming out to Blu-ray/DVD this October, so we’re devoting a listicle to our favorite anime vampires! Check it out below. […]

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Hot summer, hot reading from VERTICAL!

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April Showers mean more Vertical Reading Hours

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MY PATHETIC VAMPIRE LIFE, volume 2Story and art by: Ishikawa…


Story and art by: Ishikawa Rose
MSRP: $12.99
Release date: February 7, 2017


The sullen vampire Koide-kun may now be a member of the cool
guys’ clique, but he’s still got plenty of problems to deal with. Not only have
the girls uncovered his true nature, but a trip to the graveyard leaves him at
odds with the very people he’s been trying to impress…the in-crowd! There may
still be a chance to prove himself, however, at the upcoming school cultural
festival. Is there any hope left for a depressive vampire who gets everything
wrong no matter how hard he tries?

Say Farewell to 2016 with Vertical

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You’re Gonna Fall for These Hits

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Summer Reading – George RR Martin’s Fevre Dream

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