Donuts, Love & Peace – Happy Birthday, Trigun

20 Reasons We Love Trigun on its 20th Anniversary! Whether it was your favorite late-night show, or you’ve only ever heard the name, it’s time to pay respects to Trigun. This highly-acclaimed mash up of western shootouts and final-frontier sci-fi just turned 20 years old! Join us on the sand steamer down memory lane. For […]

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A Look At MadHouse the Animation Studio

Since Overlord is coming out in less than a couple of weeks (November 8th) on Blu-ray and DVD, we wanted to take a brief look at the production studio behind the glorious action, Madhouse.   Madhouse has been behind some of the best-looking, most well-recieved, and most beloved anime to have come out: Death Note, […]

A Wastelander’s Guide To Surviving Fallout 4 Day

It is the end of the world as we know it: Fallout 4 has finally arrived. Sick days are used up en masse, work productivity crawls to screeching halts, and loved ones are ignored to insulting levels. But for those that are still alive, we have a guide that contains some anime with post-apocalyptic themes […]