Avatar’s October Gems

Local comic shops are placing their orders for the best books in August Previews highlighting the comics and trades due out in October.  There are three big new projects that Avatar fans can’t miss: Garth Ennis’ War Stories #1 PRODUCT … Continue reading

New In August Previews – Crossed Vol 10 TPB

Garth Ennis’ long awaited patient zero story, “The Thin Red Line” from the recent Crossed: Badlands #50 – 56 run is collected in Crossed Vol 10 Trade Paperback this month in the August issue of Previews.  If you were one of the … Continue reading

Final Chapters of Crossed “Thin Red Line” in April Previews

Crossed fans everywhere have been following the story unfolding in Garth Ennis’ C-Day event that began with Badlands #50.  In the pages of each issue we see the first hours of the Crossed plague unfolding and the pieces being put … Continue reading