This Week’s Comics: Horizon #9, Invincible #134, Manifest Destiny #27 & Demonic TPB!

It’s another HUGE week for Skybound books! We’ve got brand-new HORIZON, INVINCIBLE & MANIFEST DESTINY! We’ve also collected all of DEMONIC for you cause we’re cool like that and you deserve it! Below, we’ve got preview pages for HORIZON & MANIFEST! Head over to your local comic shop (or Comixology) and grab your copies Wednesday. […]

Invincible Issue #133 Discussion Post

Sound off on Invincible!

This Week’s Comics: Horizon, The Walking Dead, Manifest Destiny & Invincible!!

We have so many books out this week, you guys! There’s the GREEN VALLEY #4 2nd Printing, HORIZON #8 and MANIFEST DESTINY #26 (which has a super sweet CHEW homage cover). On top of that, we’ve also got INVINCIBLE #133, the start of “The End of All Things!” This issue is ONLY 25 cents and […]