BEASTS OF ABIGAILE, Vol 1Story and art by: Aoki SpicaMSRP:…


Story and art by: Aoki Spica
MSRP: $12.99
Release date: June 27, 2017

Tsukishiro Nina has just arrived in the beautiful country of Ruberia, and its charming denizens and lush scenery are like a fairy tale come true. That is until she’s beset by a mysterious young man with a steely gaze and furry wolf ears—who promptly bites her! Nina finds herself turning into one of these beasts of legend, and whisked away to the prison of Abigaile where all their kind are sent. Nina must keep her wits about her if she’s to learn the secrets of this magical world where everyone either makes her blood boil or her young heart race!

Please Welcome Greg Grunberg To Salt Lake Comic Con FanX™ 2017!

  Welcome our next Salt Lake Comic Con FanX™ 2017 guest… Amy Gumenick! Amy Gumenick is best known her roles on Arrow, Natalee Holloway, Turn: Washington’s Spies, and as Young Mary Winchester on CW’s Supernatural. Learn more about Amy here! Join the conversation on Facebook here!

Lindsey McKeon

Lindsey McKeon is an actress best known for her roles as Tessa the Reaper in Supernatural and Taylor James in One Trill Hill. She starred as Katie in Saved By the Bell: The New Class, Trish in Veronica Mars, Libby in Boy Meets World, and Read More …

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You’re Gonna Fall for These Hits

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Happy New Comic Book Day! On sale today is BRIK #3 by Adam…

Happy New Comic Book Day! On sale today is BRIK #3 by Adam Glass, Michael Benson, and Harwinder Singh with Gonzalo Duarte!

BRIK #3 is available now at local comic book shops, on ComiXology, Google Play, and iBooks.

Find your local comic book shop with or and add BRIK to your pull list so you never miss out on an issue.

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TRIGGER WARNING: Animal death, blood

Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 6/8/16

This is the new Avatar Press item coming to comic shops Wednesday 6/8/16: Code Pru Connecting Covers Set PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  In case you missed the original listings, these first two issues  of Code Pru lead directly into the ongoing story in … Continue reading