Uber Chapter One Comes to a Close

Kieron Gillen’s amazing altered history epic, Uber closes out its first chapter with terrifying consequences today in comic shops and digitally on ComiXology.  With Uber #27 the curtain closes on the first act of enhanced human warfare in World War … Continue reading

Uber Vol 3 TP in Stores Now!

Kieron Gillen’s masterful altered history tale that introduces super soldiers into the waning days of World War II has captured the imagination of comic book fans everywhere. Uber tells the dark story of extended and escalated world conflict that takes … Continue reading

Uber Revelations

Kieon Gillen’s world of Uber has taken the comic community by storm.  In the pages of its altered history epic, the mysteries of this extended World War have become as important as the deadly consequences of the development of super … Continue reading

World War II Rages on in Uber #19

Kieron Gillen has captivated the comics’ community with the horror and drama unfolding in the enhanced human warfare of World War II.  As the war starts to slide in favor of the Nazis unstoppable Ubers, the Allies strike out with a … Continue reading

Uber #10 Horrors Revealed

Uber has redefined the altered history and super soldier genres completely with an unyielding vision of enhanced human warfare.  Kieron Gillen fans have hailed this story from the master author as a violent and original comic book.  The introduction of … Continue reading

Uber Vol 1 TP Delivers Horrors of War

Kieron Gillen and Caanan White’s Uber was one of the most talked about new series of 2013.  With a fresh take on the super soldier, Uber has changed the face of altered history war comics.  Fans have watched as the … Continue reading