Sailor Moon Crystal – Postcards From The 30th Century

Sailor Moon Crystal Act. 20 released super early Saturday, so hopefully this isn’t as spoilerific as other reviews. To be totally un-spoilerific take 22-ish minutes and watch the episode right here, Read more… →

Sailor Moon Saturday! Watch Sailor Moon R With NEW English Voices

While you’re waiting to watch Sailor Moon Crystal….in about an hour or so let us remind you that Neon Alley is the place to watch the classic 90’s anime.   Read more… →

There’s More to Mod Soul Nozomi Than Meets The Eye…

  Bleach set 24 couldn’t come early enough! With the anime coming almost at an end things are really heating up. Check out the deets here In this set Read more… →

This Week On Sailor Moon: Usagi’s Decision and The Final Battle Between Light & Dark!

Moonies!  Oh no! This season is nearly over! Next week, March 16th,  brings us to the conclusion of R! You can’t miss these exciting Episodes leading up to the end! Read more… →