International Comics Festival – ANGOULÊME 2016

TOKYOPOP Fam: Bonjour from France! A week ago I had the pleasure of attending – for my first time ever… Read More

Diversity in Film: the Elephant in the Room

Fact after fact keeps pointing to the obvious: Hollywood is not diverse enough. The latest issue involves Oscar nominees for… Read More

Happy 2016 from Stu!!


Why a TOKYOPOP Asian Film Award?

TOKYOPOP Fam: 안녕하세요!!  (anyong-haseyo = hello in Korean) Every year during the heat of summer, a suburb outside of Seoul lights… Read More

Digging up Roots in the motherland Sicily

TOKYOPOP Fam: Buongiorno! As an American, 4th of July brings out celebrations of our nation’s independence over two centuries ago –… Read More

Mascot Heaven at the Licensing Show

TOKYOPOP Fam: Out here in LA, we’re in the midst of June Gloom, where sunny Southern California stays grey and… Read More

TOKYOPOP evolving

TOKYOPOP Fam: Happy Monday! For those of you who read my blog, you know that I bounce all over the… Read More

Manga as Propaganda

TOKYOPOP Fam: It’s Memorial Day weekend in the United States, which means not only barbecue with friends and family but… Read More

Comics can Save the World

TOKYOPOP Fam: Happy Mother’s Day from beautiful Santa Monica, California!  It’s nice to be back in the good ol’ USA… Read More

China vs. Japan: Can One Love Both?

TOKYOPOP Fam: Hi everyone! So, the “fight of the century 2015” just wrapped with Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeating Manny Pacquiao… Read More

Co-working space and Cyberport in Hong Kong

TOKYOPOP Fam: 你好 (Ni hao)!from 香港(Hong Kong)! I’ve just spent the past two weeks in China – starting in Beijing,… Read More

Naruto 2.5 Theater

TOKYOPOP Fam: Konbanwa 今晩は from Tokyo!! It’s supposedly spring but it’s been rainy and cold – at least it was… Read More

Shojo manga password privacy campaign in Harajuku

TOKYOPOP Fam: In Japan, manga is used for all kinds of purposes besides just entertaining people.  I’ve seen manga used… Read More

Sakura season!

TOKYOPOP Fam: It’s the very end of March 2015 and gorgeous spring weather here in Tokyo! Guess what that means?… Read More

The Simpsons + Akira = BARTKIRA!

TOKYOPOP Fam: Spring is finally here – and it feels great! I’ve been in Tokyo the past week, attending Anime… Read More

Four years after Japan’s Tsunami

March 11, 2015   It has been four years since the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku, Japan…. Read More

Parasyte – Live Action Film Review

                TOKYOPOP Fam: When I first started TOKYOPOP, there were two main reasons… Read More