10 Reasons to Pay Attention to ElfQuest Background Art

One of the greatest things about ElfQuest is that Wendy and Richard Pini take the time to weave an amazing level of detail and plot into each issue–even in the background art. Over the years so much that isn’t necessarily a part of the main story arc, and could easily be skipped, can be seen by paying close attention to what’s happening in the background. Often these moments are used tell us more about the characters’ relationships and personalities. This is one reason reading ElfQuest is such a rich experience.

Here are ten bits of wonderfulness from the backgrounds of ElfQuest. What other hidden gems have you found? Let us know in the comments below.

frankbeddor:Final cover by Bill Sienkiewicz – Zen Out!…


Final cover by Bill Sienkiewicz – Zen Out! @syncevitch #seekingwonder #hatterm #kickstarter #lookingglasswars #aliceinwonderland #alyss #aliceinlondon

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frankbeddor:This stunning Hatter Madigan concept was painted by…


This stunning Hatter Madigan concept was painted by Eisner winning artist Bill Sienkiewicz. #seekingwonder #hatterm #kickstarter #lookingglasswars #aliceinwonderland #madhatter #madlyyoursfrankbeddor (at Wonder Headquarters )

Hatter Madigan always looks so dapper, especially here on the cover of Seeking Wonder.

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