Are You Abandoning Your WONDER for Reality???

This real world discourages you from looking up at the sky in WONDER.  It keeps you focus on making money and having power,  BUT WHY???

Why make ka-zillions when you can make your dreams come true? Why corrupt yourself for power, when you can empower your loves?

Reality causes you to perpetuate, preserve and pollute. Wonder causes you to create, explore and build! No one day dreams about the kick-awesome things that you do. Explore it! Explore your Imagination and bring it forth into reality!

Bring your WONDER into this real world like @grey-eyed-gemini our Wednesday Wonder Warrior!!!!!

grey-eyed-gemini stepped up to the battle lines when WONDER first called and declared their-self a WONDER WARRIOR. Now Wonderland declares, grey-eyed-gemini

Long live grey-eyed-gemini  !!!!