Innekah Door



Innekah is powerful rock-shaper who lived in Blue Mountain. She served as the doorkeeper to the mountain, opening and closing the stone portal that led to the outside world. Like fellow rock-shapers Kaitek and Ekolin, Innekah’s whole living existence was given over to her function, so much so that she became known simply as “Door.”
She responded only to Winnowill’s command when the human tribe the Hoan G’Tay Sho played their pipes to signal they were sending an offering to the mistress of Blue Mountain–although other powerful senders such as Strongbow could also force her to perform.

Ekolin Door

Rock-Shaper, Floater

EKK-uh-linn (rhymes with WRECK-a-skin)
Recognized of Dodia;
Father of Harotim

Ekolin is an ancient elf, originally a follower of Voll, and was one of the shapers of Blue Mountain. In the long ago days, he allied himself with Winnowill and helped shape her secret hidden chambers deep in the mountain. As Winnowill descended into stagnation and madness, Ekolin found himself, as all the Gliders eventually did, no longer a companion but a minion.
For Ekolin, that meant existence in a semi-comatose state, awake and aware of events around him, but unable to move, perched above the stone portal leading to Winnowill’s private lair.




Osek was of the first generations of elves born on the World of Two Moons after the crash of the Palace of the High Ones. He was born to those scattered Firstcomers and lived her early years close the site of the accident.
Like his age-mates and best friends Ekuar and Mekda was a rock-shaper. The bold trio made a devastating mistake when they went on a quest to rediscover the Palace. Though an ice age was setting in and the Palace was slowly being engulfed by a glacier, the young elves successfully located the ancient dwelling.



Yif is Go-Back who lived during Kahvi’s reign. He wielded a troll-forged sword and fought in the First War for the Palace against King Guttlekraw’s troll army. He was among the Go-Backs that showed Skywise that his people weren’t just mean and cold during the dance before the war. He was mortally wounded during the final battle and died atop the pile of warriors who died in the glory of battle.