Rick and Morty #2 is out tomorrow, including another Summer…

Rick and Morty #2 is out tomorrow, including another Summer Spectacular strip by marcellerby!

Read about Marc and his work with the cast of characters, Summer’s adventures, and what he’d use a Meeseeks Box for.

Were you a fan of Rick and Morty before working on the comic? What has
the experience of working with those characters been like?

man, totally. I’ve been a massive fan of Rick and Morty since the
get-go. It’s such an amazing, random, weird, hilarious show but with a
lot of heart. It was around the Meeseeks episode where it just went
next-level great for me and I hadn’t been blown over by a cartoon for a
while but like last year was amazing for cartoons with Over The Garden
Wall and Bojack Horseman all coming out the same year.

only drawn about 16 pages so far of Rick and Morty but I have such a
great affection for the characters, not just their personalities but the
designs and style and as I’m such a massive fan of the show, in a lot
of ways working on Rick and Morty is even more nerve-wracking than
drawing my own characters or say my work on Doctor Who. With Doctor Who,
I’m drawing a real life cast in my own style but with Rick and Morty I
feel a responsibility to get everything looking like the show, so I’m
always trying to get the characters to “act” correctly and make sure
Rick’s eyebrow is showing the right level of scorn. You want it to look
as close as the TV show as possible without it looking like a bunch of

How did you land on Summer as the focus of your comic? Do you think she’s an under-appreciated part of the show?

was Zac’s idea. These Summer Spectaculars are only in the first two
issues, then we shift focus to the other family members for a while. I
don’t think anyone’s under-appreciated in the show, they all serve their
own unique purpose and you get the feeling that Summer has more
important things (to her at least) going on outside whatever mayhem
Rick’s creating. I think we get to see a lot more of Summer’s character
later in season 1, especially right at the end in ‘Ricksy Business’ but
I’d love to see her go on more adventures so fingers crossed for season

So far Summer Spectacular seems like a series of daydreams. Do you
imagine these are from her imagination or bizarre adventures in the Rick
and Morty universe that normal people wouldn’t believe?

They’re totally future adventures. She is so going to kick loads of humanized-military-junk-food ass in some far away galaxy. 

If you had a Meeseeks box, what would you do with it?

would probably get a Meeseek for something really boring like to help
me out with colouring a comic page or tidy up my scans. Because that is
currently my life at the moment. Yay comics?