News & Reviews – 9/5/2015Blood Feud “hints at perhaps the…

News & Reviews – 9/5/2015

Blood Feud “hints at perhaps the purest horror experience in comics for some time.“

Blood Feud has “a nice and spooky setting that stands out from the normal horror type“

“Justin Greenwood delivers an exciting fluid story and brings to life the car chase and action of Stringers.“

Stringers “You can feel the old fluorescent bulbs robbing color from the interior
shots. The street lights and headlights bleach color from the shadows in
exterior frames.“

“The first issue of Stringers starts the series off with a bang and
moves through the story at a car chases pace, with a whole mess of
diversions thrown in. It is fast and fun the whole time, with as much as
possible jammed into the first issue.“

Elk’s Run “Noel Tuazon’s moody atmosphere serves the mystery well.“

“There is an Invader Zim-sized hole in both my heart and the universe, and this comic book fills that hole more than anything else ever could.“