Our Favorite Anime Witches List

Witchcraft is quite a complex idea, and depending on what region of the world you’re in the definition may be different. Thought to stem from an ancient religion, witchcraft as it came to be known in the western world largely sprouted from the writings and laws set forth in the Old Testament (which eventually led […]

Weapons vs. Meisters – Who’s too cool for school?

  At the Death Weapon Meister Academy, weapons and Meisters must work together to defeat the forces of evil. But when it comes choosing which role is the coolest, only the fans can pick a winner. So, if you had the power, would you rather turn your body into a soul-cleaving super weapon? Or possess […]

Two-for-One Weekend: Anime Central and OtaFest!

We’re splitting the team up and heading to two different conventions this weekend, Anime Central in Chicago and OtaFest 2015 in Calgary, AB Canada! We’ve got some very special panels, premieres and announcements that you won’t want to miss! Take a look at our line-up for both shows:             PANELS Friday 1:00pm | […]

Soul Eater Not! English Cast Announcement

Feel like you need to have another semester at Death Weapon Meister Academy? We’ve got you covered with a pre-order of the next class of Soul Eater Not! (psst… we also have a cheat sheet of the English cast… don’t tell the principal!)   CHARACTER – ACTOR Tsugumi – Bryn Apprill Anya – Alexis Tipton Meme – Lindsay Seidel Shaula […]

Something Special is Coming for Soul Eater Superfans

In 2010, we began releasing Soul Eater. It turns out that more than a few of you enjoyed the Cool-with-a-capital-C class of the Death Weapon Meister Academy.   Recently, our team realized that in spite of how popular Soul Eater is and has always been, the show has never received any kind of specialty packaging. […]