New in September Previews: Crossed Vol 14 TPB

The solicitation for Kieron Gillen’s critically acclaimed Crossed arc, “Homo Tortor,” is collected for the first time in the new September issue of Previews in comic shops now.  Scheduled for release in November, this essential collection marks the first time … Continue reading

Ennis’ War Stories Rage On

The second issue of War Stories continues the riveting tale of World War II bomber pilots who were asked to do the impossible.  Featured in the September issue of Previews, this second issue delves deeper into Ennis’ incredible vision for battlefront … Continue reading

Sneak Peek – Justin Jordan’s Dark Gods

Justin Jordan has been delivering hard hitting stories for Avatar as seen in his new Crossed Badlands arc and the upcoming God is Dead Book of Acts issue.  And now, on the eve of Sand Diego Comic Con, Avatar is … Continue reading