Rover Red Charlie – “I’m a Dog, I’m a Dog, I’m a Dog!”

Fans of Garth Ennis’ incredible Rover Red Charlie are very vocal about the powerful canine drama.  We’ve seen many end of the world epics but none have been as moving as watching it through the eyes of these three four … Continue reading

It’s a Dog’s Life

Garth Ennis is known for hard edged series like Crossed, Preacher, and The Punisher but he has delivered a wide range of stories covering every genre from humor to drama.  In one of his most respected titles Rover Red Charlie, … Continue reading

Rover Red Charlie Honored At Horror Comic Awards

The winners of the annual Horror News Network Horror Comic Awards are out!  Avatar was nominated for several categories and was featured in the Staff Selections as “series of the year!”  Rover Red Charlie was selected by Stephanie Shamblin Gray … Continue reading

Avatar Holiday Reading

If you are like most folks, this time of year is filled with rushing about and trying to get gifts for the important people in your life. A lot of comic book shops are running events this weekend where you can … Continue reading

Digital Deal on Caliban & Rover Red Charlie

Garth Ennis fans have a lot to celebrate this week as two of his most critically acclaimed recent projects, Caliban and Rover Red Charlie, are on sale at ComiXology!  This limited time bundle opportunity runs through December 21st and offers … Continue reading

Rover Red Charlie Fetches Readers Today

In stores today, the collected edition of Garth Ennis’ moving story about three canine friends at the end of the world arrives to deliver a fresh four legged perspective on the end of the world.  Ennis received heartfelt acclaim from readers … Continue reading

Avatar Press Items on Sale 9/24/14

New Avatar Press items on sale in local comic shops on Wednesday 9/24/14: Rover Red Charlie TPB PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:       GARTH ENNIS – the creator of Preacher and Crossed – delivers a story like no other, as an … Continue reading