RoboCop vs The Terminator – 7” Scale Action Fig – EndoCop/Terminator Dog 2-Pack

Inspired by the 1992 Dark Horse comic book mini-series written by Frank Miller and drawn by Walt Simonson! When fate reveals that the technology that built RoboCop will lead to the creation of Skynet, Alex Murphy must engage in time-twisting battle against both the murderous computer network and the human resistance fighters out to destroy […]

12 Signs We’re Definitely Headed Towards a Zombie Apocalypse

We’re f***ed. Read More >

Alexis Ziritt

Alexis Ziritt’s comic book art credits include Big Trouble In Little China, Uncle Grandpa, Clive Barker’s Hellraiser: Bestiary, Head Lopper, Hip-Hop Family Tree Two-In-One, Imaginary Drugs, Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream, PopGun, Space Riders, Space Riders: Galaxy of Brutality, The Tomorrows, Bill & Ted Go Read More …

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12 Days of Downloads: Day 12 – Classic Video Game Appearance Visual Guide

A Dozen Days of Downloads – Day 12 At last, we’ve reached the final download! From everyone at NECA, thanks for celebrating with us – we hope you’ve enjoyed all the goodies. If you missed any of the previous days, check out the complete list of links below. HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM NECA! Check out the […]