What’s in Store: Comic Book Day

This Saturday, May 6 marks the 15th anniversary of Free Comic Book Day. Or, as we at Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery like to call it, Comic Book Day. We’ll offer complimentary copies of Fantagraphics Books’ World’s Greatest Cartoonists collection featuring new work by Noah Van Sciver, Simon Hanselmann, Jason, Ed Piskor, Liz Suburbia, Matt Furie,…

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A Digital Dose of Elder and Sala

Today’s digital releases present us with a new look at old work by two of the all-time great cartoonists. The Million Year Picnic and Other Stories is another fantastic collection in our EC Library and the very first highlighting the work of Will Elder. The collection includes all 15 of Elder’s humorous Panic stories (“The Night…

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All You Need is LOVF

A brand-new, medium-expanding book by Jesse Reklaw and a murderous old favorite from Richard Sala highlight our digital releases this week. LOVF is the sketchbook companion of a man literally losing his mind. Homeless and broke, he ends up off his meds…

FU News!

If you remember back in September, we launched our micro imprint Fantagraphics Underground Press. logoforweb.jpg
FU Press is a return to our roots—publishing work by relatively unknown cartoonists that’s innovative, quirky, idiosyncratic, oddball, experimental, or downright crazy; work by established cartoonists that’s simply off-kilter or too obscure to sustain a mass market release; or archival work by significant cartoonists who have been overlooked and that might overwise be short-shrifted due to the commercial demands of the traditional marketplace. These books will only be available in comic stores, at conventions, and on our website.
So far we have published three FU books: Jason Karns’ Fukitor, Jonah Kinigstein’s The Emperor’s New Clothes, and Richard Sala’s Violent Girls. There are plenty of exciting projects on the horizon, so if you’d like the latest FU updates make sure to check out our new Facebook page.
No one represents FU more than the aforementioned Jonah Kinigstein with his brutal skewering of the artists, curators, and critics that made up the modern art movement of the 20th century. A documentary feature has been made focusing on Kinigstein’s art, involvement with Fantagraphics, and his show at New York’s Society of Illustrators. You can watch it now.
Until next time… FU, buddy!