Demon Dogs, Ninja Dogs and Corndogs, All This Week On Neon Alley

The Neon Alley Newsletter went out this week, and just in case you haven’t subscribed here’s the URL to check it out yourself.   Here’s your Neon Alley cheat sheet Read more… →

Ranma 1/2 – Music to Die For and a Nutty Ninja Dog, This Show Has Everything!

Its almost that time.   Ranma 1/2 is almost complete!  This week be the first to see the remastered episodes; The Musical Instruments of Destruction, where Kuno gets his hands on Read more… →

Let’s Go To The Mushroom Temple: This Week On Ranma 1/2!

NEW TODAY ON RANMA 1/2: EPISODE 145: Let’s Go To The Mushroom Temple The Tendo house members are poisoned by a mushroom hot pot!  EWWWWW!!!! Then, on EPISODE 146: The Read more… →