The Hardest Either/Or Walking Dead Survey You’ll Take

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Take the Official ElfQuest Tribe Sorting Quiz

From wild Wolfriders and colorful Wavedancers to raucous Go-Backs and mysterious Rootless Ones, the World of Two Moons is home to an exciting diversity of elfin tribes. Take our official sorting quiz and discover in which ElfQuest tribe you belong.

Code Geass Quiz – Lelouch VS Suzaku: Which side are you on?

  In Code Geass, Lelouch ahd Suzaku grew up as childhood friends but find themselves on opposite sides of a great war as teenagers. To celebrate Code Geass’s 10th anniversary, we’re revisiting this rivalry and asking you: what side are you on–Lelouch and his Black Knights or Suzaku defending the Empire?   Remember that this is […]

What’s your Elemental Alignment?

  It’s International Tabletop Day, and we’re celebrating with our newest anime release all about games— D-Frag! Take our quiz!   In the show, the crazy girls of the Game Creation Club (Provisional) all claim to be fantasy magic users channeling elementals— the water girl “attacks” people by forcing them to drink water, the lightning […]